This traditional militaiy workout form is just one of many ways to help people gain or maintain a fysical better shape. Stamina, mobility, strength en flexibility and more essential fysical goals are being trained by using variation of ‘easy’ training tools. These tools are offered by Sportholistics and may contain regular stuff like dynabands, ropes, weights, balls etc. but certainly also will involve ‘natural outdoor’ obstacles like bridges, hills, stairs, rails, playgrounds etc.
The holistic part we include here as ‘extra’ consists the way of making this training accessible for everybody in their total being. As mentioned before we believe that the person and it’s well being is more then just a healthy physical shape. Participants in these sessions will not only experience a serious whole body workout, but also enforce their mental and even emotional well being and resistance.
All levels of fitness, from strongly trained up to rehabilitating or injured participants will experience an personalised, optimal challenged training which will enhance and stretch their individual boundaries and capacities.

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