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We started 2019 offering a nice option to participate in a bellicon trampoline workout. Every Wednesday you’re welcome and invited to join for a 50 min. combination class. Sweat guaranteed, laughter and fun while working your complete system in the most exciting, enjoyable and constructive way thinkable!
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Get ready for a healthy future and long lasting future. The Bellicon:Innovative tools to help our system to relax, rehabilitate, strengthen and heal on cellulair level.By re-activating all process in a healthy body we support mental happyness!
The holistic vision of Sportholistics matches perfect with the amazing Belliocon (and it’s 3 concepts: Move, Bounce and Circle) Together we believe to have found a prefect match in reaching our goals : Happy, healthy and ethousiastic clients who feel convinced in their own physicsl temple.
In between the 3 levels and ways of Move, Bounce and Circle there is a distinct workout session for everybody who like to treat themselve good! The possibilities and opportunities are countless!

Bellicon Move is a holistic and general health boosting exercise class where there is undoubtedly room for enjoyment. More priority is placed on the correct posture and a proper poise. The bellicon Move regime is simultaneously appropriate for people that tend to suffer from physical deficits or lingering ailments. A further  emphasis of the Move regime lies in a jovial rehearsal of balance and co-ordinative exercises. Additionally this class is designed to re-establish the joys of physical activity and to assure increased levels of vitality.

Move for who:
The Move concept is mainly designed for all people who:
1) Like to have an introduction with the Bellicon trampoline
2) Like to explore their own level of fitness at that moment
3) Who doesn’t feel secure about their own fysical shape, because of whatever reason
4) Who is recovering from an injury and/ or like to support their treatmement
5) Enjoyes a highly effective class of physical variated and enthousiastic movements

Key words:
Health oriented training
Correct posture
Increased well-being
Total body workout (core muscles)
Fit up to an advanced age

Bellicon Bounce is an innovative and modern group fitness exercise concept which possesses a predefined and rather rigid format. This class is comprised of a combination of alternating segments promoting on one hand increased stamina and on the other building strength. Casual elements of dance and a range of exercise combinations supplement this exciting Bounce format. Despite the intense training regime being conveyed the fierce fun factor is not to be overseen.

Bounce for who:
The bellicon Bounce class is benefitting to the young and young at heart who wish to elevate their fitness and stamina levels during the course of a regular intensive training. A typical Bounce class is geared to burn calories, enhance endurance, tauten the body and not least to build muscle mass. Whilst being inherently soothing the bellicon training, above invigorating every cell in our bodies, promotes a positive perception of oneself and enhances one’s quality of life. A Bounce class is simply invigorating and stimulating and is equally suitable for both genders.

Key words:
Endurance, stamina, strength and power
Interval training
Elements of dance
Lower body fat

The bellicon Circle exercise program is literally a HIIT, namely a high intensity interval training based on a partner format where mutual motivation and inducement play an integral part in driving the individual to exceed his or her limits. This regime is a versatile total body workout geared to expand muscle mass and thus tailored to overwhelmingly athletic participants. Power, endurance, coordination and timed sequences are amongst the integral elements characteristic of a bellicon circle class

Circle for who?
Circle concept is diesigned for those who are already in a good shape. Those man, woman who like to challenge themselves in a partner workout where you can not give in,..you need to continue all the way, and for those who might have a slight inclination of enjoing the ‘pain’of finding personal physical, methal en emotional boundries.

Key words:
Partner workout (in group)
Muscle growth
Circle training
Overcome physical limits
High intensity
Body defining
Decrease body fat