The Runholistics concept is an alternative running program which will enhance the total system by using running as a tool. The different links which are needed to run match with the holistic way by also focus on weak links which are difinable to reach a sertain level of fitness and physical shape. In training often we experience or notice restrictive factors which we can eliminate best by focussing on specific practice, technique en experience in a enjoyable safe way.
A variation of different excersize which link to martial arts, yoga, pilates and bootcamp asure the participant experience their whole system which hereby can safely be re-organised, activated and stimulated to an allover higher well-being.
An optimal (pfysical) workout is demanding an strict regime of balance, technique en relaxation. Our level of fitness contents more than just strenth and stamina!
Brething, flexibilty, (self) conciousnes and posture are just a couple of determining factors which will be treated within the sessions.
Years of experience in training and coaching on different levels makes that there is a optimal interest for every level of participance to achieve an all over more optimal state of well-being. Particpants will experience joy, satisfaction and conviction in both their personal set goals (e.g. running 30 min.non stop) as both the priorities faced and recognised during the training (e.g. I force myself to much, to fast, to strong)

Runolistics for who:
Because everybody is different we offer different levels of participance:
1) New motivated runners or those who rehabiliate:
For those of you who are not (realy) experienced with running, or who do not feel ‘secure’ while training physical. Within these sessions we pay attention to subjects like:
shoes, cloth (wheather), routing, tricks, technique (basic), (motivation) strategy and restrictive factors.
2) Experienced runners:
People who feel free and safe in challenging themselves in their physical (running) taxability. In these session serries we consider participants to be safely abel to being challanged to push their limits. We achieve to provide insight on individual level of subject like:
Technique, restrictive factors, boundries, fun (boredom), acceleration, interval, fartlek, duo-training and enforcement of nesceserry running links.
3) Everybody who is in for some full range, challanging and inspiring total body workout, dedicated to:
A) Improve stamina
B) Improve (running) technique
C) Improve physical self awareness and shape
D) Improve individual training inspiration and motivation
E) Reduce body fat
F) Improve personal fitness level and joy of physical activity
G) improve personal methal and emtional taxability

Key words:
Joy, insight, conviction in (re-)disovering running
fat burning, overweight prevention, body shaping
health oriented training
Break physical boundries
Result garanty
Realise direct both in-direct goals
all over better experience of well-being