At this website you’ll find information about Sportholistics. According to our vision ‘holistic’ is the only way to train, strengthen and restore our system. This is the reason why this (recognised) vision comes back in all activities and the name of our business. Intensive, joyful, safe and ‘fit level’ customised working on total body enforcement, That’s why: Sportholistics

Within the multitude of professional dynamics, training and food we ‘invest’ in personal contact so each individuals goal can be achieved more easily. Sometimes these goals can be a sort of distraction, (to maintain in comfort zone or habit). Out of self-knowledge (and some reflection/ coaching) your true potential and goal will quickly be real and set.
Sports and movement is our tool to a.o. gain a better mental, social, hormonal and emotional wellbeing. Not to forget about ‘basic’ positive results on: stamina, cardiovascular system, more strength, increased muscle growth, better shape, improved skin, increased balance and a grown motivation.

Might this information stimulate or inspire you to work on any of these purposes you’re very welcome to join.

Run-, Jump-, and Bootcampholistics are forms, which have originated out of the traditional offer and a long experience.
It’s not hard to help people get ‘total loss’ within 10 min. To get people inspired and motivated to gain/ maintain an all-over revising healthy (and often happy) lifestyle is our goal: Totally found!
At References you can whiteness what we did for some of our clients,

At Calendar you can find where and when you can subscribe for which training, session or workshop