At this website you’ll find information about Sportholistics. According to our vision ‘holistic’ is the only way to train, strengthen and restore our system. This is the reason why this (recognised) vision comes back in all activities and the name of our business. Intensive, joyful, safe and ‘fit level’ customised working on total body enforcement, That’s why: Sportholistics

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This traditional militaiy workout form is just one of many ways to help people gain or maintain a fysical better shape. Stamina, mobility, strength en flexibility and more essential fysical goals are being trained by using variation of ‘easy’ training tools. These tools are offered by Sportholistics and may contain regular stuff like dynabands, ropes, weights, balls etc. but certainly also will involve ‘natural outdoor’ obstacles like bridges, hills, stairs, rails, playgrounds etc. Continue reading “Bootcampholistics”


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Get ready for a healthy future and long lasting future. The Bellicon:Innovative tools to help our system to relax, rehabilitate, strengthen and heal on cellulair level.By re-activating all process in a healthy body we support mental happyness! Continue reading “Jumpholistics”



The Runholistics concept is an alternative running program which will enhance the total system by using running as a tool. The different links which are needed to run match with the holistic way by also focus on weak links which are difinable to reach a sertain level of fitness and physical shape. In training often we experience or notice restrictive factors which we can eliminate best by focussing on specific practice, technique en experience in a enjoyable safe way. Continue reading “Runholistics”