Bart A.J. Schouten
Bart A.J. Schouten
Owner Sportholistics

As being the person behind Sportholistics my base is being a teacher. In 2002 I completed my ALO study which provided me a very appreciated start qualification as a 1st degree sports teacher, the best profession ever existed. Besides all didactic and methodic teaching and of course the practical sports their was a serious priority for psychology, anatomy en physiology. These classes and knowledge always gave me the idea that I was working from a strong fundamentally safe base. The MBO SPW/SCW study and experience which I finished before and the post-HBO (P)MRT Inholland studies (finished in 2006)  enforced this secure professional attitude In 15 years of being primarily teaching physical education my occupational posture has only been increased. Many uniek students, their parants, great and also ‘lauzy’ colleaques and many others involved helped me deepening this occupational posture. My passion transformed in a great way to make a living of my mission. All involved situations and participants helped me figure out what would be ‘the best’ way of explain, teach and inspire people in their physical developing/ growth as both at helping them to pave their own future from sometimes (very) challenging fundaments. Over thousands of students and ‘clients’ made it very obvious and clear to me,…everybody is different with their own needs, unique competences, boundaries and ‘area’s of weakness’. On the other side we all share the same intrinsic need to develop, grow and explore. This is what made me realise that the best way to inspire and stimulate was just ‘to be’. From being me (from the heart) I like to give a lot of space and responsibility in everyone’s own self development and process. I’ve experienced that this positive way based on faith and trust (safety above all) invite to self-consciousness and the will to cooperate to maintain a bigger goal. Real contact makes everything possible, being half present just ruined the whole educational purpose. To invest in my relationship by simply being friendly and sincere to energy’s which were positive and respectful/ pleasant and by just ignoring those who liked to ‘experiment’ the opposite I create a safe and inviting environment for all students who need a steady and safe base to explore their own unique capabilities, chances and being. Only when completely safe man can be expected to develop in learning, discover and explore.

Only by exposing (young) people a more healthy, better alternative and in which they can be free to choose I experienced the best results. We do not learn (so much) as we are being told/ forced how to do things, instead we have to figure out and explore/fail ourselves. As a teacher I makes sure they can choose wisely, and also options which may not be so obvious according to our system. This way surely creates more tolerance and flexibility, translated in respectful contact and more relaxed being plus higher learning achievements.

I feel a strong need to fulfil my responsibility as a teacher by using movement as a tool to help grow consciousness, wisdom and knowledge. Both social/ emotionally as well cognitive I love to support everyone’s intrinsic need to self fulfil.  

Sports-teacher what,..:

Besides the different offers Sportholistics has I also just am ad feel like a sports teacher, and therefore I love the vibe in schools, and like to prevent physical movement classes to malfunction. Anny school can contact me for taking in classes LO. For many years this beautiful full time job has been my main priority. I’d love to keep in touch with the educational system on a freelance and/ or advisory base. Besides being responsible for ‘regualar’ (always special!) physical classes I also teach and coach Topscore Fit, in which mainly teenagers with movemental, behaviour and motivation problems are inspired and stimulated according to a program I designed specially for them. This includes food, movement, psychological coaching, social and emotional reflection etc. It’s designed to truly help change (and charge) on long term, a life(style) changing course packed within 8 classes,…   

I truly feel and treat every pupil with my heart, which automatically results in a contact necessary to develop from a safe base. Sometimes the dynamics ask for some conflict, ‘battle’ and suffering old trauma,…this is the most beautiful and pure way. I feel grateful for all insights and lessons I had to learn to help others,…